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My PvP strategy [Still in early stages]

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My PvP strategy [Still in early stages] Empty My PvP strategy [Still in early stages]

Post by TarotFlame Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:52 am

Okay, this is a strategy I've been trying against my Protoss playing buddies. So there's going to be a lot of holes, especially due to my ranking and everything, but I've had some success with it. I think it'll become stronger when the next patch is released due to its reliance on air units.

Basically, open with a standard build, Gateway -> Cyber then place a second gateway. I prefer to get my stargate between my second and third gateways as that tends to help hide the tech from any early scouts. Though this is all down to preference. From there, focus on producing Zealots and Phoenix, and if there is the chance to, dump extra gas into some sentries.

Once you have at least 3 Phoenix, send them in to harass the mineral line. Continue producing Zealots and Phoenix until you have 6 and throw down a forge. Getting the +1 armor upgrade helps a lot to further cut down Stalker damage. If you have the resources, investing in Chargelots can also help greatly. Especially if the opponent chose to make Blink Stalkers.

When you feel comfortable, or when you're harassing, throw down an expansion and switch to VR production. You can then throw down more gateways or get a robo bay and get some immortals or get a Dark Shrine and pump DTs for extra harassment options or just to buff your Zealot/Sentry army.

The general idea with this strategy is that the Phoenix will force production of Stalkers and Zealots just chew through them so easily. Also with the Phoenix you will have air control which would allow a safer transition into VRs. And once the new patch goes live, I feel that VRs will severely deny Robo tech as Colossi will be extremely vulnerable to them and everything else doesn't fair too well against zealots.

Some weaknesses I can already see with this build would be cannons. Since unlike Mutas, Phoenix can't seem to angle their ships a few degrees to shot at stuff on the ground. However, they're still damn fast and you should be able to snipe at least a couple probes before you take too much serious damage. A single Phoenix can take 3 shots before losing it's shields so best use that to your advantage. They're also good at sniping out stray units and finding hidden expos.

Another weakness would be DTs since observers are pretty far gone on this tech path. Hence the need to have a forge and get some cannons down. Though with good phoenix control, you should be able to scout the Dark Shrine most of the time.

And no, I did not know about that Korean all-in strat that is listed in the tips and tricks thread until I came here so this is how I've been playing. How it fairs against that, I have no idea.

Finally, this is just me and my low level theorycrafting for the most part. Nothing is set in stone and I don't have a specified build order worked out, but so far it's worked for me.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Flames?

Thanks for reading.

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My PvP strategy [Still in early stages] Empty Re: My PvP strategy [Still in early stages]

Post by Stingray Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:49 am

your whole strat seems long and on 1 base, if anyone can get to 2 bases quicker than you, they can put more anti air, make more gateways/barracks/hatcheries, tech hire and reach 200/200 faster

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