Early Terran Marine Marauder Tank pressure issues

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Early Terran Marine Marauder Tank pressure issues

Post by TheBritish on Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:45 pm

Hey guys

With my recent switch into Toss from Terran, I am struggling to hold of early Marine Marauder Tank pressure, they siege up and slow push into my base and since I often go 3 Warp Gates into expo, I struggle to get any real high tier units out good at fighting off the push. What are my options?

1: Force Field my ramp and hope I can get enough units out to deal with it. Problems is gateway units aren't good alone, without Templar/Robotics units, as we all know.

2: Delay my expo and try and pump out some Immortals. This isn't my real style, I'm a macro player through and through, but of course it's probably my best option.

Any other options to delay a Terrans push?


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Re: Early Terran Marine Marauder Tank pressure issues

Post by danielgwj on Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:14 pm

try to keep them contained as much as you can...i know its tough
try to get upgrades...especially armor bcuz they are mostly siege
n try to get some robo units...like collo to deal with the MM
Well... idk how did the game went and no idea did u spent your resources fully...but do so...
Im not a pro in Terran...just trying to help seeing how dead this community is...=(

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