My replays from Last Friday

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My replays from Last Friday

Post by Centerplay.828 on Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:35 am

Here's my replays from last Friday with a very brief recap.

Game 1 - The Game that started it all.
First game, little nervous and I was a replacement for someone who signed up n didnt show up. I started off playing 1-1-1 doing a small push to make him produce lings. Got a OL n a queen kill so it was semi-productive in my eyes but lost my entire wave. Then from there I just produce tanks/rines/meds and wouldnt let him expand while I took a third. I feel like I should be doing more though harass though or something and my micro vs banes could be a lot better as well.

Game 2 - A good way to piss me off.

From what the title says you can prolly imagine what happened, so you can just watch it and see for yourself. As Jess explained to me I could have just lifted off and went tot he island expansion and kept the game going and see where it went from there because he wasn't mining etc.

Game 3 - The revenge

Me playing Terran I believe I did what any other pissed off Terran player would do in a situation like this. Pick Lost Temple and be as much as a dick as possible lol. Started off with my normal build to see what he was doing and saw a RR coming, came back got the bunker up just in time, kept it alive and defended off the RR. I followed it up by doing some banshee harass, kept it alive. Then it came to me, the way I can make this game go my way, I remembered why I choose this map. Tanks on the high ground baby, 2 tanks + a banshee made the GG come.

The Second Series vs Maggle - I pretty much got outclassed in this MU.

Game 1 - "Fucking Mutas"

I honestly don't have too much to say about this one except I let me kinda early lead go to complete shit because I could handle Maggle's "Fucking Mutas", something else I need to work on. The after getting manhandled by his mutas came in the inevitable death push

Game 2 - Lost

I felt lost this whole game, honestly idk why but I really felt lost. Like idk what to do at all I definately had my expo up early but me being me got completely owned by his drop and then to make things worse my push got annihilated, bad positioning by me I'm sure.

Those are my games from Friday, flame, critique away my friends.

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Re: My replays from Last Friday

Post by Stingray on Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:29 am

Is there even any fking way to counter tank drops over there!


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