Serotonin.450 Here!!!

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Serotonin.450 Here!!!

Post by rifT_Theory on Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:53 pm

Woot our very own forums cheers !!! Like finally!!!

Anyways, a little more about myself. I'm a member on My username is the same as the one I'm using here on this forums. I kind of saw how our Facebook group started off from the very beginning. It was actually Jin Oppa's idea and he posted the Facebook group link on so that as many people as possible would hear about the Facebook group - Road to Diamond.

I then offered my help to Jin Oppa to help out with the SEA server side. So far SEA is the most active server on the Facebook group and even here on the forums Smile !

I'm a Singaporean and currently serving the Army. My service will end on the 5th of June 2011.

I'm actually a Zerg at heart but I play Terran better which is why I'm stuck with Terran in StarCraft2. I played StarCraft: BroodWar for quite a while during my younger days. Which is why with the release of StarCraft2 it was quite an easy transition for me. I'm a fan of HuskyStarcraft, PsyStarCraft, Blizshouter/Crota and Day9tv Cool

When more people start joining this forum, I hope that Road2Diamond will have teams where we can join and win tournaments together Surprised

To make things easier for you guys to contact me I have listed my various usernames down below: -
Facebook --> Mohamed Ishaq
road2diamond Forums --> rifT_Theory
StarCraft2 --> Serotonin.450

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